Asl computer service is shut down after cyberattack

Asl Computer Service, a limited-service computer service provider in New York City, is shutting down after being targeted by a cyberattack on Tuesday that targeted its computers.

The company says the attack targeted its network infrastructure and its customer base.

Asl said in a statement that the attack is currently under investigation.

The attack also affected the Asl website and the Assol Web Application Framework, a tool used by asl employees to maintain their website and applications.

The service provider said that it is currently working with security firms to investigate the breach and determine what data was compromised.

Asls website is unavailable for now.

Asl is a technology and information technology company, but the company is owned by Asl Technology Group.

AssOL is a software development group that is a division of Asl, a technology company that is owned and operated by Asls Technology Group, according to the company’s website.