AWS compute services for developers, designers and engineers

AWS compute service provider Cloudflare has begun shipping a cloud computing service called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, which it has dubbed AWS EC2.

The service has the capacity to host over 1.5 terabytes of data on a single Amazon EC2 instance.

The new service is available in a beta state for developers and designers, and it can run on a number of popular open source technologies including Python and PHP.

Amazon’s Elastic Computes API allows developers to build applications on top of Amazon EC1 instances.

AWS Elastic Compose Cloud can be deployed in a variety of ways, but Amazon says that a developer can start with a virtual machine and then create a single EC2 node, and then deploy an instance to another server with the ability to scale up to gigabytes.

Amazon also recently launched its Elastic Composed Service, which can be used to host large number of instances in a cluster and then use the nodes to perform more complex workloads.

AWS EC3 is currently available in beta, and Cloudflares version 2 of the service will be available later this month.

The AWS Elastic compute service will launch as part of AWS Elastic MapReduce service, a service that Amazon says it will provide as part a free tier to anyone who wants to use the service.

In addition to Elastic Composting, Amazon EC3 can also provide the ability for developers to create “data centers,” which Amazon says will allow users to build more complex applications on a scale of thousands to millions of servers.

Developers can choose to deploy their applications on these data centers to run on Amazon EC4 instances, which have the capacity of several terabytes per server.

Amazon EC6 is available to developers and customers, and Amazon says the company plans to offer this in a free trial starting in June.

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