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Broken? Malfunctioning? Slow? Crashing?

These are problems that many businesses and personal users experience. Often not wanting to make the problem worse it is ignored until one day the computer refuses to start. We will take your computer and run a complete test of all the hardware and update any drivers. We can carry out the following services.


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Computer Maintenance

Data Retrieval

Digital Photography

Language Translation


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Full Format No back up
- This means your machine is completely reinstalled with a copy of your Operating System. All your drivers will be restored.


Full Format Back up of Data - You specify the data you wish to retain. Copies of this data will be kept at after format and installation of your operating system they will be restored.


Full Format Back up of Data and reinstallation of Software - You specify the data you wish to keep and it will be restored to your computer after format and reinstallation of your software. Along with this, a selection of the software you wish reinstalled on the machine will be performed.


Installation of Another Operating System - You provide the operating system and our technicians will install it on your current machine. Operating systems supported include, Windows 95/98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux.



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