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Corrupted Disk? Need to Retrieve data? Deleted files by accident? Want to back up?  

We offer very reliable data retrieval solutions for those of you which have been unfortunate enough to lose important data. Our current data retrieval facilities include damaged floppy disks, hard drives, zip disks and CDs.


Here are the services we'd like to offer you!




Computer Maintenance

Data Retrieval

Digital Photography

Language Translation


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File Retrieval - This involves scanning your hard disk or whatever medium your data was on and trying to locate the lost data. This is a complex process and doesn't always yield results. For this reason we will only charge you 20 if we are unable to restore your files.


Backup Options - You specify which files you wish to back up on your hard drive. We will then copy it to medium you specify. We currently only support CD-R, CD-RW, Zip Disk, Floppy Disk.






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