Google News is making phone calls using Google Hangouts

Google News has released a video that demonstrates how to make a phone call using Hangouts using Android and Android Pay.

This video shows the process of setting up Hangouts on your phone, and then setting up Google Talk.

You can also set up Hangout calls using other apps on your device, including WhatsApp, Google Hangout, and the new Google Hangcast.

In this video, you can see how to set up the Hangout app on your Android device to automatically send and receive Hangouts calls from your phone.

To get started, you’ll need to open up Google News.

Next, head to Settings > Phone Calls.

Once you’re in there, tap on the Phone Call button and then select Call Call.

You’ll see a list of contacts to choose from.

From here, tap the Contact you want to set as your Hangout contact.

From there, you’re ready to make your first phone call.

Open up Google Voice and type in the name of your new Hangout call, such as “Hangouts.”

The conversation should begin.

You should receive a confirmation email with the subject line, “HANGOUT CALL.”

Once you receive an email confirming your call, tap “OK.”

Your new phone call is ready to go!

The Hangout feature can be used for more than just phone calls.

You might want to share content with a Hangout conversation.

In the Hangouts app, you might be able to send a quick link to your Google Drive account to a friend, or even open a link on your blog or YouTube channel.

Here are a few more examples of Hangouts features you might want for your next phone call: Add a photo and video to your Hangouts video and share it on your YouTube channel and Google Plus.

You may also want to send Hangouts videos directly from Hangouts to your YouTube or Google Plus accounts.

Send Hangouts links to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

You could also set Hangouts up to automatically open up Facebook and Google+ Hangouts.

This feature is also available on Google Talk, Hangouts, and Google Talk Messenger.

In order to set Hangout videos, you will need to sign up for Hangouts at the Hangstream website.

You will also need to enable the feature on your account.

You do not need to use Google Talk for this feature.