How to install and configure Windows 10 for your home gaming rig

In case you’re not too familiar with Windows 10, it’s basically a new version of the operating system.

There’s no doubt that it offers a lot of new features for home users, but there’s also a ton of stuff to keep in mind if you want to get up and running with your PC.

We’re going to go through everything you need to know about installing Windows 10 and its capabilities, so that you can make your own custom setup.

Read more First things first, we’ll need to get Windows 10 installed.

First, let’s head to Microsoft’s Windows 10 installation guide.

It’s a pretty basic overview of what you’ll need for installing the operating systems desktop. 

The instructions for installing Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11 are pretty simple.

It just includes a list of what to install on your machine. 

Windows 10 is installed as a normal Windows 7 installation, but we need to install some other tools to get things going. 

We’ll need a USB drive to store all of our files on, a USB cable, and a copy of Windows 10. 

If you’re looking to download Windows 10 pre-installed, there are two options: Windows Installer, which is a Windows 7 installer, and Windows 10 Update, which can be downloaded directly from Microsoft. 

In the first case, we download Windows Installer. 

On Windows 7 we’ll download the Windows 10 ISO, which will contain a pre-compiled installer file that can be installed on your system. 

When Windows Installed has finished downloading, it will open up a window that says “install Windows 10”. 

You’ll see a bunch of options, but you can select whichever one is best for you. 

At the very bottom, you’ll see “Download now”. 

Click “OK” to begin the installation. 

Once the installation has completed, you will be prompted to confirm the settings. 

Now, we can go ahead and install the Windows 7 and 8.x installation.

We’ll download Windows Update. 

As the name suggests, Windows Update is the program that downloads and installs updates to your PC’s operating system and services. 

This is done through a software program called Windows Update Service (WUS). 

The first time you boot into Windows 10 from the installation guide, it’ll ask you to choose a network connection and a security password. 

Next, it prompts you for a password for your account and tells you that the installation process will take a few minutes. 

After that, the installer will ask you for an email address and password.

You’ll be prompted for the account you created before you installed Windows 10 to confirm that you want Windows 10’s update to start automatically when you restart your PC, or if you’ve disabled Windows Update on your PC before. 

You can do this by clicking “yes” on the confirmation dialog box. 

Then, click “Finish”. 

Once you’ve clicked “yes”, you’ll be taken to a screen where you’ll have to select your language and click “Next”. 

Windows Update will now install itself on your computer. 

Here you’ll click “Install” to install the operating operating system, and once that’s done, you can reboot your PC into a clean state. 

Finally, click the “Start” button and you should be greeted with a Welcome to Windows 10 prompt. 

For more information on installing Windows, check out the official Windows 10 website.

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