How to stop the mobile banking craze

In a bid to avoid the mobile bank craze, the Irish Government is trying to ban all electronic banking services, including credit cards, in the country.

This is a key part of the Irish banking system which is responsible for the payment of billions of euro in taxes and other public services.

However, there are now growing concerns that mobile banking will continue to flourish.

The Irish Independent reported on Monday that the State is seeking a legislative amendment to ban electronic banking on mobile phones.

Under current legislation, there is a loophole whereby mobile phones are not considered to be an asset and therefore can be used for electronic banking transactions without the need for a bank account.

This means that people with limited bank accounts can now open their bank accounts with a debit card or credit card, while others can do so by using a mobile phone.

The proposed amendment would amend the Banking Act of Ireland to require banks to register their electronic banking assets in order to comply with the law.

If approved, this would mean that bank branches will have to provide information about their electronic assets to the Irish Revenue Agency.

However, the proposal is being met with fierce opposition from members of the public.

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