How to turn on and off your Dell computer service

Dell computer services has announced a plan to remove access to some of its services that allow users to remotely disable a device, like a keyboard or mouse.

The company announced the change Tuesday and said the change will be effective April 1.

The Dell Edge 7000, the company’s new computer for small business and home customers, will remain accessible to those who still use the device to log on and to manage accounts.

Customers will still be able to access some of the services.

Dell also said it will continue to offer security and repair support for its Edge 7000 line of laptops.

The decision to make the changes comes after a series of incidents that caused widespread damage to the laptops.

Those include a massive hack of a laptop at a South Carolina electronics factory in July, a series that left some customers in critical condition, and an April incident that caused a laptop to crash on a flight.

The Dell Edge 5000 is the company, which has about 1.8 million employees worldwide.

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