Microsoft’s Microsoft Exchange Online Platform Is Still The Best, Even After The Exchange 2017 Update

Microsoft has been making good on its promise to bring Exchange Online up to date.

The company has now officially updated the platform with the latest version of the Web App (OWA) for Windows, as well as the Exchange Server 2016 E5 migration guide for Exchange Online.

Microsoft says that all the major Exchange Online features have been updated and are available to download on the Windows platform.

Exchange 2016 E3 migration guide and the new Exchange Online migration guide are available now for both Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

Microsoft also updated the Windows 10 build with Exchange Online, allowing Exchange users to deploy the new service as well.

It also includes an update to the Exchange Online deployment process, which was first introduced with the Outlook for Business 2016 E2 upgrade guide.

The update adds a new section in the Windows Store called “Windows Installer” that lists the various Exchange Online installation options.

Microsoft says that these include Exchange Server 2017 and Exchange Online for Exchange Server 2013 and Exchange 2016, Exchange Online 2019, Exchange Server 2020, and Exchange Server 2021.

The Exchange Online guide is available in Microsoft’s Windows Store, but it’s only available for Windows 10.

Microsoft’s blog post notes that the Exchange 2016 migration guide will be available on August 12.