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What is a Network?
A Network is a group of computers linked together which are able to communicate with one another. This allows data or information to be transferred from one source to another.


Here are the services we'd like to offer you!




Computer Maintenance

Data Retrieval

Digital Photography

Language Translation


Do you wish to implement file sharing scheme in your office/school/home. Sharing printers and other resources between a group of two or more machines? *

Introductory Price: 10% off
Standard Price: *


Internet Connection Sharing
Only have one phoneline/DSL/ISDN and wish to share the same connection with several computers. No problem. *

Introductory Price: 10% off
Standard Price: *



Network Gaming
Do you have several computers that you wish were connected? We can network you machines to let you take full advantage of Network Gaming. *

Introductory Price: 10% off
Standard Price: *




For further information on any of the services please follow the services link.


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