The first thing you need to know about Android apps and Google Home

Android apps are becoming more popular.

A new report suggests that Android apps outsold Apple apps by a whopping 24 million in the US, and that Apple is expected to lose out to Microsoft in the market for voice-activated devices.

In a report published by Accenture, the company said that it expects to see over 1.4 billion voice-enabled devices shipped in 2018, with the total number of voice-driven devices expected to grow to over 2 billion by 2021.

The report found that Apple’s share of the market grew to a whopping 32 percent in the last quarter, which was a record high.

Apple lost out to Android and Google, Accenture said, which means that Apple was able to drive growth in voice-operated devices in the past quarter.

“While Google’s dominance in the voice-based computing space remains strong, it’s clear that Apple and Amazon are now leading the charge,” Accenture senior analyst Michael Balsamo wrote in a report.

“The key for Apple is to leverage the massive pool of existing Android apps to deliver a variety of services, including cloud computing, mobile payments, cloud storage, messaging, music, and voice assistants.”

The report also said that Google is now able to reach nearly 50 percent of all Android users, compared to around 40 percent a year ago.

Apple is now targeting Android users to deliver services that are more relevant to their lifestyles, including entertainment and travel, Balsamic said.

“With over two billion Android users around the world, Apple will have a tremendous advantage over Google in the future,” Balsamos wrote.

“We believe the combination of these two giants could result in an even larger market share of Android users in the coming years.

For the sake of consumers, we believe this market is poised to double in the next few years, and we expect Apple to be one of the top three players in the space by 2020.”

Balsamo said that if Apple can take the market by storm, it will be able to overtake Google in terms of mobile devices.

“Apple is able to deliver on its core value proposition of premium smartphones, while Google is able just to deliver smartphones, and the latter company has been able to do so for several years,” Bilsamo wrote.

“Apple is poised for an even greater market share than Google.”

Philippines: Avacom Computer Services Certifies Computer Services

More than 2,300 people have been arrested over a possible security breach of computers in a private residence in the Philippines, police said Monday.

Police said a man identified as Arsalan Diosa, 51, was detained in the central province of Cebu and was later transferred to a jail in Quezon City.

They said Diosbao, who is a Filipino national, was arrested Monday night after authorities identified the location of the computers at the home.

The home was the source of the suspected attack, the police said.

Police have said they are investigating whether the breach was a cyberattack.

Police say they are looking into whether the breaches of security in the home led to the death of a man in Cebua.

Police Chief Ernesto Pimentel Jr. said the suspect is not suspected of involvement in the deaths of two other people.

He also said the two people killed in the incident are in critical condition.

Pimentel said the man is being questioned about the cyberattacks.

Police did not immediately release a motive for the cyberattack, but they said they would investigate the possibility of a connection between the suspected attacks and other crimes.

The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries to cyberattacks, with a long history of political unrest and an endemic shortage of computers.

How to create a simple email application that can be used in the cloud

Google has added a new email client to its Gmail service.

The app, called Abaco, is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to make its online messaging service easier for people to use on the go.

The new Abaco app is a part of Google’s push to bring more people online.

Abaco is free and available for Android and iOS.

The company has also released a companion app for Windows Phone.

Google said the new app allows users to send and receive emails from Gmail or other Google services like Gmail.

Abacos email service, which is part-free and part-paid, also allows users the ability to set up automatic notifications for upcoming emails.

The team said the app also helps people who are new to the Gmail app or unfamiliar with the service to get up and running quickly.

“The Abaco email app is designed to make email a seamless experience for everyone,” Google said in a blog post.

“By integrating with Gmail, users can manage their email, send and manage content from Gmail, and send notifications to friends, family and Google contacts.”

Abaco was originally developed for the Apple iOS app.

Google says it added the new Abaco app in January 2017.

Google is working to expand the Abaco service to other Google products including Gmail, Gmail Plus and Google Drive.

The service will also be added to the Chrome browser in the coming months, Google said.