‘Ableton Live’ becomes a ‘living’ computer service provider

Ableton Live has become a computer service company, according to an executive who spoke to the Irish Independent.

The technology giant has hired an executive to manage its business as part of a strategy to become a “living” computing platform, according a statement by Ableton.

“The new organisation will bring together the creative, technology, product, design, distribution and support teams and bring together Ableton’s people, processes and expertise to provide a better experience for its users,” the company said.

“This will provide a more flexible, efficient and innovative business for all members of the company and the Ableton community.”

It’s been four years since Ableton acquired the rights to build a live-streaming service in partnership with Google.

In June, the company launched a new video-streams service called LiveTV, which was available in the US, UK, Germany, Spain and Australia.

Abletons new streaming service is currently available only in the UK and Australia, but it will eventually be available in other markets.

LiveTV has been used to provide the live stream for live concerts and other events.

It also provides a way for companies to broadcast live events.

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