Google’s $1.2B acquisition of cloud computing service Bunbury Computer Services could be a win for Microsoft

Microsoft is reportedly getting into cloud computing with a $1 billion acquisition of Bunbury, the San Francisco-based cloud computing startup, according to Recode.

The acquisition is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year.

Bunbury, which launched in 2013, offers data-management, analytics and data analytics services for businesses and government agencies.

The company’s product line includes a variety of applications that help users with tasks such as billing, scheduling, billing and invoicing.

Microsoft’s acquisition of the Bunbury business is one of several tech giants that have announced their plans to acquire cloud computing services.

Last year, Twitter announced that it was acquiring its own cloud computing infrastructure company.

Last month, LinkedIn announced its own purchase of a startup called Swarm, which offers a platform for sharing and managing massive data sets.

How to Stop a Bad Company From Turning Your Personal Information Into A Biggest Fraud: Tech Experts

The FTC has ordered Google to stop sharing users’ data with third-party services like Facebook and other social media companies that collect user data.

The FTC said Google’s breach was “likely” connected to the data sharing with Facebook, but the company has been fighting the ruling.

Google says it has already stopped the data-sharing.

The company is also fighting an antitrust lawsuit from the US government.

It’s still facing another lawsuit from a group of former employees that accuses the company of engaging in “massive privacy violations.”