Atlantic Computer Services (ACS) to be acquired by RTE

The Atlantic Computer Service (ACSI) has announced that it has been acquired by the company owned by the family of RTE journalist John O’Shea.

The acquisition of ACS marks the first step in the company’s transformation, following a successful launch in the US.

In the US, ACS has been able to scale its business with a series of acquisitions, including its US subsidiary, the American Information Technology and Innovation Center (AITIC).

At the end of 2015, ACS was ranked as the number one provider of software-based applications in the United States, and it had a market share of over 50% of all software-enabled applications in that market.

The announcement follows a series in the past year of ACS acquiring US-based technology companies, including the software development platform company Sysops.ACSI said that the new company will be able to focus on three main areas: consumer computing, enterprise software and services, and consumer internet and cloud services.

“This acquisition is a major milestone in the evolution of the company,” ACSI CEO, Jim O’Connell said.

“Our acquisition of Sysop, our US software development team and the management team at AITIC provides us with a stable and solid base to continue the rapid growth of our software business, which is growing at an incredible rate.”

The acquisition and strategic integration of our US and international talent, and the acquisition of the AITC platform and other global technology assets will help us accelerate our growth and expand our operations to meet the rapidly growing demand for our products and services,” he added.AITC is an open source, free, high-performance, open-source software development framework and tools suite.

The AITCC platform is used by leading technology companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, Microsoft, Pinterest, and Twitter.