The ‘Axiom Computer Services’ Machine that Works

The “Axiom” computer services company, a subsidiary of the global consulting and advisory firm Avalanches Inc., recently began a campaign to make its customers and employees feel like the worst people in the world.

The campaign has included using memes to illustrate its negative aspects, such as “Axioms are Evil,” “Axians are Evil” and “Aximians are Bad.”

It also has been running ads showing people walking through malls and at airports with a giant “Axia” in their faces.

The ads, created by Avalanches’ advertising agency, are accompanied by text that says, “The Axeia.”

The campaign was started by the company’s CEO, Jim Balsillie, who said in a blog post that “Axiemedia” is an acronym for “The Bad Idea That Can’t Be Fixed.”

Balsillia added that “The Axiom” is “a bad idea that is just not going to go away.”

The company’s ad campaign, which is available online and in print, features a video that depicts people walking around malls with a sign that says “Axio.

This is the Axeia.

The Axioms.

The Bad Ideas That Can Only Go Bad.””

Axiomedia” has also launched a Facebook page, called “The Great Axiom Campaign,” and has started to distribute the meme “The One that Gets the Axe.”

The ad campaign has drawn the ire of some social media users who are calling the campaign “pathetic” and an “apology tour.”

“The Axiomians are the worst in the whole world.

They are just not smart enough to understand that their own stupidity is a good thing,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another person wrote: “I think the whole campaign is just a terrible excuse to promote dumbness, because the truth is that they have a good reason for making this ad.

It’s stupid, but the ads are smart.””

They’ve taken their own advice, which says that the best way to get an axiom is to give people the worst person in the universe a headache.

This strategy just makes them feel worse for having said stupid things,” a third person wrote.

The Axia campaign has sparked a heated debate on Twitter, with many users questioning whether the company is trying to promote stupidity.

“It’s like a video from the Matrix where the Matrix is supposed to be a good place to work, but in the end, everyone ends up in a mental hospital,” tweeted @hughbarnes.

“I’m still sick of the ‘Axiomatic’ meme,” wrote @rashad_hayden.

“There are a lot of people who believe that the axiom meme is an attempt to promote the idea that axioms and axiomatic people are evil,” said @jamesmatthews.

“What if they were more of a meme for a company to sell people on the ‘good’ things in life?” wrote @kathy_barnett.

“The idea that people would use a meme to promote their stupidity seems pretty silly to me,” tweeted Dan Savage, the host of ” Savage Nation.”

“I’m glad that someone at Axiom has decided to go back to their roots and apologize for the memes they created and for their ad campaign.

And if they’re really sincere about being good to each other, they should stop making the Axiom memes and start making a real apology.”

According to Avalanches, the campaign started after the company was approached by Avalias chief executive, Robert Cargill, who asked the company to launch a campaign with an axiom in its name.

Cargill told Bloomberg that he started the Axia ad campaign because of Avalanches CEO Jim Balesillie’s “incredible lack of empathy” for its customers.

“Jim is one of the most important people in my life and I was very concerned that he was going to be on this earth without a job,” Balsil told Bloomberg.

“When I was at Axiomatic, I learned a lot about being human, and that I have a lot to offer our company.

He’s not that person.

He doesn’t have a job.

He has to spend time with his family and he’s trying to do his job.”

Balesillies Facebook page also included a picture of Balsills wife, Amanda, smiling next to a caption that reads: “Amanda, you’re an axiat.”

“Jim was the best person to work for us,” Balesills wife wrote.

“We had to work hard to get this company started, and I’m sure we’re still learning the ropes.

I’m so grateful for him and I can’t wait to get started again.”

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