When does the next major computer service outage hit?

Computer services provider Avesta announced on Monday that its customers were likely to experience a major outage in the coming weeks due to a virus outbreak.

“We’re working with our suppliers to get ready to deploy a contingency plan,” Avesta said in a statement.

The company said the first major disruption would occur in the early hours of March 10, and that there would be “major disruptions in the US” over the next few weeks.

Avesta’s website says that customers are not affected by the virus, and it’s unclear when the first disruption will be, although Avesta says the company will monitor the situation and notify customers when a plan is in place.

The announcement comes amid a cybersecurity threat that has affected more than 100 million computers and has forced some major technology companies to lay off workers.

Microsoft, for instance, said on Monday it would cut 10,000 employees, and Google said it was suspending plans to hire 10,500 people.