Which country is the best place to find a computer technician?

IT specialists are often recruited by multinational companies as computer technicians, but a survey by the National Computer Services Association (NCSA) has found that about half of the countries that offer IT jobs have a lower acceptance rate for computer technicians.

The NCSA surveyed 15,000 employees across 25 countries and found that India has the lowest acceptance rate, followed by the US, Finland, Norway and the Czech Republic.

It also found that in many countries, there is a lack of IT skills.

It is also said that the skills required to work in a computer service environment are less developed, and that the demand for IT is higher than the supply.

The survey found that less than one-third of the employees surveyed were able to find the appropriate position.

The NCSA said that a lack in education, as well as the lack of suitable candidates, are the major reasons for the poor quality of the job.

The shortage of trained IT workers in the country is largely due to the high number of foreign graduates coming to the country, and the fact that many companies have no knowledge of how to recruit IT professionals, according to the NCSA.

In India, it said, only 8% of companies recruit people from outside the country.

In the past, many of the IT companies have made it their priority to recruit foreign students.

However, the survey also found a lack for IT skills among workers in these sectors, as there is no awareness among employees about IT skills in the workplace.

It has been estimated that there are around 1,500,000 people in the IT industry, with a population of around 7 billion people.

The demand for computer skills is expected to continue to grow as India continues to grow in population and economic strength.